• Project

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    With New Way Management at your side we allow organisations to focus and concentrate on the content – the logistical and operational details are taken care of.

    Support includes the full management process from A-Z, setting out objectives with your stakeholders, financial planning and budgeting, to execution of a flawless meeting and post-meeting evaluation and reporting.

    As some organisations may face specific challenges in resources or lack know-how or experience, we can support on certain elements of project delivery from strategic consulting, programme management, sponsorship & exhibition management, or on-site delivery. You may even benefit from our network and connections in selecting the next destination of your meeting with the best possible partners.

    We assume responsibility for each and every operational element of your event with style and flair, always respecting all stakeholders. We can operate in your name and fully integrate with your team.

  • Programme


    New Way Management will work with your committee and teams to build the best possible programmes for your meetings. While you decide on the specific content to be presented, we take care of the planning and administration involved. For abstract, or paper-based content, this would include selecting and managing platforms for submission, rating, and selection. In your name, we can invite keynote speakers and faculty, and collect all required information from them for programme building and promotion, and we will prepare speakers for their participation, and manage sessions and presentations efficiently on-site.

  • Strategic


    Does your organisation need help in finding creative ways to better achieve your congress or event objectives, or in selecting the right business models to maximise results? We are there for you. New Way Management conducts strategic analyses, assessing all possible angles and perspectives, evaluating relevance and proposing tailor-made solutions that can be directly implemented.

  • Venue &
    Vendor Sourcing

    Venue &<br>Vendor Sourcing

    Finding the optimal destination and location to hold your congress can be a daunting task. Looking for a specific vendor or solution provider can be both time-consuming, disconcerting and unfamiliar.

    Benefit from New Way Management’s extensive and first-rate professional network and negotiation skills. New Way Management does the work for you and will find the optimal solutions.

  • Sponsorship &
    Exhibition Management

    Sponsorship &<br>Exhibition Management

    New Way Management will help you in various areas of sponsorship and exhibition management. We can together mastermind sponsorship packages and opportunities. In your name, New Way Management rolls out and manages all sponsorship deliverables on your behalf and ensures that participation of this important stakeholder group in your congress is successful and long-term.

    We ensure full delivery of all elements of the sponsor agreement contracts and follow the participation of your sponsors to the satisfaction of all. For exhibitions, we organise all aspects of exhibitions from pricing, floor plan development and allocation, sub-contracting service providers, and preparing and distribution of manuals and instructions.

  • Management
    on site

    Management<br>on site

    The benefit from having an experienced event professional to support your organisation at your congress or meeting is clear. No hurdles, no headaches for you, it will be taken care of. Our approach translates into precise and dedicated on-site management with our known positive mindset, style and flair.

  • Hospitality


    Ensuring a pleasant and efficient experience for your participants, we provide support for onsite hospitality, welcome desks and registration services. Hospitality services include coordination of all ground handling details for your delegates such as hotel reservations, airport pickups and dinners.

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