Meet the team

Wessel and Michael

New Way Management is founded and managed by Wessel Nieuwenweg and Michael Podt. With roots in the Netherlands, a mutual passion for travel and cultures has allowed both Wessel and Michael an unparalleled international experience, working in the USA, Brussels, Beijing, Hong Kong and now in the South of France.

Both earned a strong reputation in developing and delivering countless projects during a combined 40-years of experience, including senior positions in leading PCOs and international associations. Wessel and Michael dedicate their expertise to supporting associations, agencies, companies as well as governmental institutions.

Both striving for excellence, but complementing each other in their approach and strengths, Wessel and Michael continue to drive client success and company growth.

Rebekka holds a Master of Arts degree in Social Sciences and is an accomplished, resourceful, and results-driven professional with more than 15 years of experience in working with academia and international organisations, including content and event management, project management, and account management, client relations, and strategic planning.

In one of her prior roles, she led the Scientific Programme Team and managed projects and scientific programmes for numerous health societies. While thriving in a fast-paced environment, she has established a reputation of having a “hawk-eye” in the development and revision of client deliverables. Originally of Hungarian and German descent, she is devoted to raising two happy, polite and well-mannered children and a dog as well as not taking herself and life too seriously.

« First and foremost, I believe in being passionate about what you do. When you are inspired by a great cause, all of your thoughts break free: your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in all directions, and you discover yourself to be a far greater person than you ever imagined yourself to be. »




Malou, originally Dutch, obtained her bachelor’s degree in hospitality management from the reputed Hotel Management School Maastricht in 2005.

After having obtained her degree she moved to Brussels to start her career in one of the leading Association and Event Management Companies to focus on the organization of corporate meetings all over the world. Within this company she developed her career and expanded her experience to different roles and functions as well as to scientific congress management. She has worked for a wide range of corporate clients and associations in professional, mostly scientific sectors.

Her international experience and expertise and interest in multi-cultural business environments brought her back to her current job; organizing a variety of (medical) scientific congresses and educational programs for not-for-profit organisations all around the world.

Malou is fluent in Dutch (mother tongue), English and German.

Originally from the south of France, Marine is an experienced professional holding a Master’s degree in Strategic Management of Events and Tourism.

With years of immersion in the management of international events and tourism, she possesses a diverse set of skills encompassing event planning, project management, and client relations within the global events industry.

Marine is recognized for her attention to detail and dedication to ensuring the success of projects and client satisfaction. Her exposure to different cultures, living and working in various countries, has allowed her to develop strong problem-solving skills and navigate seamlessly in international environments.



Originally from the Alpes-Maritimes region in the south of France, Arthur holds a bachelor’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages for Business and Commerce with a specialisation in journalism, as well as a master’s degree in Cultural Studies.

With diverse professional experiences, particularly in organising musical events, he possesses multidisciplinary skills. After working in the music promotion industry in Paris at the beginning of his career, Arthur returned to his roots in the south.

He is known for his adaptability, attention to detail, as well as his dedication and motivation to deliver high-quality work while paying special attention to his collaborators.